bitHolla Newsletter - December 2019

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Happy new year! We are already 6% in 2020 and we only just got around to posting the December newsletter today! But as they say, better late than never!

December and 2019, was very fruitful for us here at bitHolla and with a lot done thanks to everyone’s effort and contribution. And with crypto prices looking healthy, it is safe to say that 2020 will be a fruitful not just for us but the industry in general.

We managed to build critical crypto infrastructure for the future growth of the company, which the crypto world lacks. This lack of infrastructure makes the job hard for companies that are trying to break into crypto, as they can’t focus on building the end user services easily, which results in difficult to use and clunky crypto services.

We’ve identified that and spent months building what we call Holla Infra. This infrastructure foundation provides access to the blockchain realm for businesses entering the crypto realm which is growing each year, especially in many emerging markets.

This is the highlight of some of the magnificent work done in bitHolla in December and 2019:

  • We wrapped up a full exchange solution into HollaEx software kit. HollaEx kit includes multiple components managing APIs, streaming real-time data and matching engine, This allows businesses to create a full trading house like NASDAQ or NYSE within few clicks and build their dream company through a simple dashboard. It provides various use cases for crypto assets, STOs, collectibles, tokens, etc and others to be more easily traded or auctioned off through the kit. We brought down the speed of building and deployment of a new exchange to less than an hour which is truly amazing. Who would have thought that you make an alternative to NASDAQ in less than an hour!
  • We’ve made huge headway in offering a fully automated exchange cloud solution built right into the dashboard. This brings down the full exchange creation and deployment down even further to minutes! This is a viable option for businesses that want a lower cost and fast solution. Or just want to further trial the exchange software.
  • We built and released Vault, crypto custodial service, which currently is supporting more than 10 major crypto assets including BTC, ETH, etc. Any companies or individuals can utilize the wallets through APIs and provide crypto wallets for their users.
  • We tokenized HollaEx by creating XHT which is a native platform token that allows people to launch a full exchange by collateralizing XHTs into the exchange. We started on the very first day of 2020 the first exchange on
The HollaEx token (XHT) is used to collateralize
your exchange and can be obtained from
  • We built and released Robolla remarketing solutions for market-making which can route orders and have access to more than 40 crypto exchanges. It can be used for accessing liquidity pools across different platforms and help people to access capital and liquidity.

2020 Vision

  • Creating more use cases for the exchange solution on HollaEx Kit. Think crypto-collectibles, real-estate and other assets that have yet to be fully tokenized.
  • More coin support for crypto assets as well as other custodial services on Vault.
  • Margin trading to is in development
  • More tradable markets for XHT
  • Growing the exchange plugin marketplace so make it easier for HollaEx Kit user to operate their exchange.
  • XRayTrade 2.0 will see a big update in the coming months with the ability to connect to HollaEx exchanges and provide that faster more tactile trading experience that pro traders know and love with XRayTrade.

Happy new year to you all and We wish everyone a great year ahead!

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