bitHolla Newsletter — May

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In the last 2 years the infrastructure around crypto has greatly matured. We at bitHolla are doing what we can to provide better tools so that anyone can start building crypto native applications in a consistent and streamlined way.

Read on below for some of the recent and incoming developments at the company.

May Progress:

  • API Crypto Bridge v0.4.0 Released
    Real-time communication through websocket to access Binance, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Bitstamp and more to come.
  • HollaEx v1.16 Released
    Improved charting system and websocket notification. Additionally, mobile app wireframe for the HollaEx white-label exchange.
  • Hollaex-cli Improvements
    Automated tool for setup and running HollaEx exchange
  • Robolla
    Preparing for production to remarketing multiple ways across different crypto exchanges as an automated liquidity provider.
  • bitHolla dashboard
    Added section to the website that will give clients and users a unified access to our crypto infrastructure services.

Leads for June

  • Adding HollaEx support within bitHolla Bridge API.
  • bitHolla dashboard design and implementation.
  • 2.0 plans and ideas.
  • Refining bitHolla vault and integrating it within Bridge as well as adding support for additional coins starting with XRP.
  • Further work and improvement on hollaex-cli.

Look out for next month’s newsletter for more updates and events happening at bitHolla.

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