bitHolla Newsletter — November

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One weather eye on Bitcoin charts, the other on our work, November was no easy ride. However, as the industry has, we powered through to deliver improved products, offers and trading experience.

While 2018 might hold a few surprises yet, so do we!

November Wins:

  • Redesign of bitHolla website
    Replete with awesome aesthetics and streamlined solutions, our new website introduces an array of crypto-based offers. From our fully customizable spot exchange package, HollaEx, to accessories such as liquidity rerouting or our custody solution, Vault, there’s something for anyone looking to boost their crypto venture.
  • Deployment of our entire server infrastructure on the open source system Kubernetes
    is a modern open source system for automatic deployment, scaling and management of applications. While no difference appears front-end, our DevOps team worked hard backstage to improve user experience! Container-orchestration optimizes server resources, which means less downtime and seamless upgrades.
  • Launch of our Project-Bridge
    Because context often lacks in crypto, we want to provide a standardized protocol to connect our different services. Project-Bridge provides a comprehensive view of our activities and their rapport to the crypto market.


  • New partner: WatermelonBlock
    A business deal with WatermelonBlock is underway for a HollaEx Crypto Enterprise Exchange solution. Aside from enjoying key crypto trading features, WatermelonBlock customers will be able to trade the native WMB token.
  • New partner: Penta Security Korea 
    Having signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Penta Security, we are looking forward to drawing up plans to strengthen and secure crypto solutions.


  • We participated in Money2020 in Hangzhou, China. Our presentation dealt with the importance of open trade and finer details of the blockchain industry.
bitHolla CEO Ali Beikverdi on the far right

Leads For December:

  • Tech solves and strategies for XRayTrade 
    In anticipation of the next crypto bull run, strategies and tech solves are under advisement for the software to scale smoothly.
  • Releasing HollaEx v1.13
    With an improved handle on trading pairs, the upcoming “Sleek” version of HollaEx will operate a larger amount of crypto assets with tab navigation, searching and market data. Moreover, graphics will be modified for clearer account levels, portfolio assess and historical trading data, thus conveying account status at a glance.

Look out for next month’s newsletter for more updates and events happening with bitHolla!

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