bitHolla Releases New DIY Exchange Software Solution

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HollaEx Kit packs a powerful punch for businesses that want to get into the booming exchange business.

SEOUL, South Korea, October 15, 2019 — bitHolla, a software company that provides professional and enterprise-level cryptocurrency and blockchain online trading services has released a new exchange solution called HollaEx, enabling companies to run their own exchange.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to launch a token or other financial solutions, the HollaEx Kit holds everything in one place for token issuances, launching public sales events and professional trading.

Through HollaEx Kit, anyone can build an exchange platform and create a new marketplace. The HollaEx Kit is the first product on the market that allows individuals to create crypto exchanges fast and bypass technical development costs and exchange listing fees.

The HollaEx Kit empowers cryptocurrencies to bypass expensive crypto exchange listing fees that often exceed $1,000,000 by providing elegant solutions that can be customized with all the features of regular exchanges.

bitHolla’s CEO, Mr. Beikverdi says, “HollaEx Kit is built to be like WordPress and we’ve made it easy for companies to immediately create their own exchange, tokens, launch into new markets and bypass expensive crypto exchange fees and launch a crypto exchange within minutes.”

Mr. Beikverdi further adds, “With affordability in mind, our solution helps cryptocurrencies avoid up to 95% startup costs, plus makes it easier for cryptocurrencies to launch initial exchange offerings (IEO) straight to market, drastically speeding up the process of being listed on crypto ranking sites like CoinMarketCap.”

The HollaEx Kit is powered through a collateral model that requires tokens to be staked in order to run the HollaEx software which reduces startup risks involved for exchange businesses. Exchange operators simply stake a certain amount of the HollaEx token (XHT) as collateral for a period of 6 months, run the software and after which they are free to claim back all the staked collateral.

Get started with your own cryptocurrency exchange today by clicking here, or request a call to find out more information.

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