From HEX To HollaEx! Why did we rebrand?

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With a decade behind us since bitcoin was invented, it is safe to say that the cryptocurrency industry has come of age.

From its early and humble beginnings with the cypherpunk movement right to the 2017 ICO boom that brought mainstream attention to the industry, a lot has been achieved and more is yet to come.

The journey so far

At bitHolla, the journey towards realizing a cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution has lasted 5 years. During this time, we have strived to build frictionless crypto trading technologies that make the industry accessible to all crypto enthusiasts.

We believe that cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to launch a token or get access to other financial solutions should be able to do so with minimal complications or difficulty.

That is why we launched the Holla Exchange Kit as a do it yourself solution to help anyone to fully launch, own and run their own exchange platform.

This launch kit comes with pre-engineered packages that feature a backend admin control panel as well as a front end source code for both desktops, mobile devices.

Change of name

Unfortunately, we found that the HEX name is associated with a couple of scam projects that could affect the reputation of our product going forward.

For that reason, we are changing the name of this product from HEX Kit to HollaEx Kit.

The word Holla simply means hello and it represents the simplicity of the solutions we provide. Apart from indicating the simplicity of our product, the name is also a signature representation of bitHolla.

Therefore, to prevent the misuse of our name, especially after years of reputation building, we are changing the outfit of our product with a name that represents originality and simplicity.


HEX remains to be the symbol of our HollaEx token as it is an abbreviation of the original name. However, our official marketplace for the HollaEx token has changed to

Also, our exchange product that was previously known as the HEX Kit is now HollaEx Kit.

As a first of its kind in the market, the HollaEx Kit will continue to empower token creators to launch and own their exchange with easy and cost-effective DIY solutions.

From creating a trading interface to launching a public sale for your project, the HollaEx Kit will provide full customization while allowing you to implement future-proofed financial technologies. Try the HollaEx Kit today by downloading it here. To access a 15 day free trial signup here and activate the trial in minutes.

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